This is an archived post from my previous blog. Some content may be outdated. FYI!

What’s up everyone?

Welcome to my website / blog where I’ll be writing articles about pretty much whatever I find interesting at the time. Expect to see some webdev related content to come out soon, though I’ll be also covering software engineering / programming in general.

I decided to build this website as a creative outlet in which I can voice out my thoughts, knowledge, and opinions on various topics. Medium isn’t that attractive considering I’d like full control and ownership over my content. Wordpress is good, but a full blown CMS isn’t what I’m looking for. So I built this web app from scratch, using PHP and Laravel. The frontend is just plain ol’ HTML/CSS/JS, but I’m looking to use Vue if I ever need more interactivity down the road.

I’ll see you soon, thanks for reading!

Got any feedback or suggestions? Feel free to send me an email or a tweet.